Thursday, March 17

But, Seriously...

This. Is. Good.

I'm just saying. I'm getting some pretty fantastic reader emails today. I hope you're all living up to your full potential. Again, this is going to be a short and lonely post, but I just want to make sure that everyone is doing everything they can to make the best of today (how kind and thoughtful of me).

Today, I yelled at a tour group. I don't regret it. Mainly, I yelled something that sounded like "SHSAPPY ST SHRATRICKS DAYY!!!!" but I hope they got the true meaning behind my words. Which was something along the lines of "Don't come here if you like to party!"

p.s. I'm in class  right now. COME ON.


  1. I think people are actually drinking today before 11 PM because (in part) of your encouragement. GREAT.WOOORK.

  2. POST MORE. I have one final left and I can no longer get through it without you.

  3. i did an irish car bomb and vommed in my mouth and held it in bc of pride, pride in my true heritage and pride in being part of the only group at williams doing that at noon today....essentially bc of you pandora bc of you

  4. You forgot the baileys and Jameson in that picture....tisk tisk